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Deze Digimode's werken met Windows

A digital mode decoding and terminal program that uses no terminal unit, terminal node controller, or multimode hardware.  It does all its decoding using the sound card inside the computer, and it can interface with a radio using a COM port.  Zakanaka is an extremely cost-effective way of operating PSK31 and RTTY      

The CONTACT-DX program has been designed for use as a real logbook, taking advantage of the full power of Windows, means it that being a 32-bit application will not run in any way on 16-bit systems .

Real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction
TCP/IP digital modem, ALE400(ALE141A) , JT65, IQ, CALL ID.

IMCPW (International Morse Code Processor for Windows) v3.13 is a program which translates
program-generated/user-defined text and text files to Morse code.

KaWin supports multiple Kantronics½ TNCs and multiple radio transceivers with an intuitive, graphical interface, setting a new standard of performance for digital radio communications

WinOrbit is a free software package for Microsoft Windows, which will compute and display the position of artificial earth satellites
Een gratis multidecoder software programma voor PSK-RTTY-MFSK-QPSK
The WSJT project currently includes five programs designed for amateur radio communication using state of the art digital techniques. Typical applications include meteor scatter, EME ("moonbounce"), and QRP communication at HF
Een gratis software programma voor satelleit volgsysteem
Gratis Multidecoder Software voor PSK bijv 8 submodes: PSK-31, QPSK-31, PSK-63, QPSK-63, PSK-125,    QPSK-125, BPSK-250, QPSK-250. Dan zijn er nog de vele varianten van HELL, DominoEX,  MFSK, Thor, Throb, Olivia, RTTY, MT en CW.
multi-mode, multi-platform software for radio amateurs. A completely new outlook. Tons of new features. JT65 and FT8 modes. KiwiSDR as an external RX. More coming. Now for Windows 7 and newer operating
RX-SSTV is a Windows SSTV receiving program specially designed for SWL's. It automatically saves received SSTV-images

supports both PSK31 and PSK63, sends and receives color thumbnail portraits by PSK63, displays 24 PSK63 channels simultaneously, and features semi-automatic mode selection between PSK63 and PSK31.
The Null-modem emulator is an open source kernel-mode virtual serial port driver
EhoCw is a morse keyer software and a morse code generator and even a morse code decoder.
VB-CABLE is a virtual audio device working as virtual audio cable. All audio coming in the CABLE input is simply forwarded to the CABLE output.
RadioRaft decodes 10 different ARQ modes, 8 different FEC modes, Packet, Baudot, CW... It works with a Hamcomm interface or a radiomodem.
SV2AGW packet radio driver, runs TCP/IP protocol over radio, support windows  and several devices like baycom and, E5DXL 9600 G3RUH compatible modems
Program for PSK31/63, RX - Pactor
Decoder for CW and works with windows 10 and below
This software is designed to allow CW operators to see coded signals as text CW from their receivers and to transmit CW using the serial port or sound card of the computer

A free Telnet and Packet-radio client software for the DX-cluster by HB9BZA
Now fully supporting the 60 m band + displaying
JS8Call is software using the JS8 Digital Mode providing weak signal keyboard to keyboard messaging to Amateur Radio Operators

RCWinPacket is developed by KDØRC. The most popular version of  this product among our users is 2.0. The name of the program executable  file is

Er is een nieuwe experimentele digimode voor HF ontwikkeld: SIM31. SIM staat voor Structured Integration Mode en werkt hetzelfde als BPSK31 als je kijkt naar de methode waarop gemoduleerd wordt.

Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) is an audio bridge between applications that     transmits sounds (audio streams) from app to app, from device to device.   
Slow Scan TV with Windows and Soundcard

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